More alcohol than malt and hops


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Apr 22, 2013
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Double pale 7.9 abv 65 ibus. Predominant alcohol heat. Sitting at 2 weeks now. Just can't recall so much acohol taste with lots of hops . Think this will change?? Mash temp 149 bright up to 154 to conversion. Any ideas .
The overall recipe, plus OG, FG, fermentation temp, and yeast strain would be helpful to know. Could be a number of reasons. 65 IBU from Tinseth/Rager is not that bitter.
25 lbs 2 row 1 crystal 120, 1 munich, 1 cara pils, safale 05 yeast ,64 degrees fermentation temp.... og 1.072 fg 1.012
The 64 degree fermentation temp rules out any out of control hot fermentation - that is good news.

An FG of 1.012 is towards the dry end. Comes out to 82% attenuation. I got 76% and 74% the last two batches I did with US-05. Not sure why yours is higher.

Next time you could mash at 158F and try a yeast with less attenuation.

2 weeks is still pretty young, so give it some time and hopefully it will mellow some.
That 05 yeast does take it down a lot.