Messed up a good brew

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Nov 20, 2012
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brewed a flawless beer 15 gallons, did everything perfect hit 90% efficiency, made it to filter a lighter afternoon brew.

Had a warm front then cold came back, up and down temps, caught the fermenter at 62 then 71 then up and down again,

long story short, a rather bold yeast off flavor, smelled it right when opening the carboy a real strong floral with a hint of sour smell, tastes the same :twisted:

I'm going to brave it and dry hop with 3 different hops one in each 5 gallon keg then age them to try to wait out the yeast flavor.... what do you guys think am I crazy :roll:
Go for it!

You think cold conditioning would help it or ale temp?

I agree, I would dry hop and age them out. Treat it like a barley wine. They likely won't be ready soon. I would also take1 of the 3 and cold condition it, if you have the space and see if the cooler temp helps that batch. Then you can make a call on the others. I hate to throw beer away!
keeping them cold around 40 right now with just a small amount of co2 on top
Ozarks just out of curiosity What kind of beer did you make? What yeast? Which hops are you dry hopping with? ... ks-lite-15

dry hopped with 3 different hops to see what would counter act the yeast flavor the best but still taste kind of light

1 Amarillo
"edit" changed these to
2 Cascade
3 Citra

I can always over power the flavor with a heavy hop bill, but trying not to at first if all possible
Solid recipe and I like Amarillo, but have never actually used or remember using the other 2 types of hops you mentioned. My go to hops (being from Oregon) are Cascade, Willamette and Mt. Hood. :D Be sure to let us know how they turn out!
didn't realize this but my keezer was set to 3.5 C so cold crash I did lol I'm going to add another twist, taking all 3 kegs and pulling them back into the one fermenter then adding another round of CTZ for 4 days
OMB give the beer a chance!! You will have the yeast all wore out just moving it around ;) . How long did you ferment for? Did it reach the expected FG? Under most circumstances yeast will clean itself up if it is given time to do so.
Quote "Please sir step away from the beer, the yeasties know what they are doing."
ha ha ha, hit my numbers plus fermented 4 more points further , fermented for 7 days, cold crashed for 3, filtered with 1 micron filter, dry hopped for 3 more days now 4 days, was going to be a light afternoon beer, now a hoppy apa

oh the yeast was 05 but did an overnight 4 mil starter very think with 3 packs, had a krausen with the sir bar on high, I think I over did it lol
I use a lot of yeast slurry from previous batches and over pitch myself. Time is always helpful to get rid of yeast bite which comes in many flavors depending on the yeast. But secondary hops are just that. They are not to cover up booboo's, but do stand out nicely in a apa. Brew on!
yes this was just a fluke thing, never had such a bad taste before, then even after masking the taste you get a freezer burn kinda after taste, I'm thinking yeast infection now
Bummer, if taste gets worse sounds like maybe septic tank enhancer :( . I had 1 batch of vinegar myself last summer. Keep your mind open though, my sister won "Best Of Class" with some raspberry wine that went to vinegar as a "Raspberry Vinegar." It was awesome. The flavor blew the judges away.
this all makes since now, wasn't even considering an error on my end lol "not that I'm always right" he he :oops:

it was suppose to ferment to 18 and be thick enough to filter to 12 or so, but instead it fermented to 11 which gave me a big head whoohoo I said, well .. not too fast ... infected yeast do that very thing some times, go crazy and eat everything in site and put off wild flavors too... damn...and now its time to Brew On !
you said :D it I was looking forward to having brew the rest on the winter guess it will just be a month later