May 6th &7th updates

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    Sorry for the delay, there have been a couple small updates and fixes last week that I missed adding the forum update with. We always post our changelog in our "learn" pages automatically: case you may have noticed some new features, this list will show you the entire changelog:
    • 2020-05-07
      • My Recipes - The ability to bulk move recipes to folders/groups. (Available to Premium users now, previously restricted to premium plus and up).

      • My Recipes - Move recipes to folders on mobile.
    • My Recipes - Folder count update after deleting a recipe.

    • My Recipes - Deleted group recipes from showing up.
    • My Recipes - Issues with iPhone users being unable to move recipes.
    • My Brew Sessions - Folder count update after deleting a recipe

    • 2020-05-06
      • Devices and API - New Endpoint for specific gravity from iSpindel devices. This was needed since the iSpindel does not send a gravity unit like P or G and only sends the gravity value. The default is Plato but you can now send readings in specific gravity by using the new Specific Gravity URL /ispindel_sg/. No matter what unit you are sending you can always change the unit in General Settings under Sugar Scale to view readings in that unit.

      Want to ping some of the users that expressed interest in the SG support for iSpindel from previous forum threads.
      @Love Beer, @guilleweb, @matlab_, @Gregolin,

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