Mash chemistry: Water volume has no effect

Jeremy Ross

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Apr 7, 2016
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I'm playing around with water chemistry here, and I noticed that changing water volumes (mash and total) have no effect on mash pH. Considering that I've got this set up for distilled water, I would think that increasing the water volume to say, 100 gallons, would raise the pH somewhat. Other calculators, such as Bru'n water *do* show an increase in pH when increasing water volume.

It's very likely that I'm misunderstanding something here, because math. But I'd appreciate any info or explanation. Thanks.
water is water the ph is constant throughout the water, it doesn't build baste on volume
I'm not sure I understand this. Let's say you have 1 gallon of a solution of a known pH, in this case a lactic acid solution of 3.0 pH. Then you dilute that 3 pH solution with 10 gallons of a 7 pH solution, pure distilled water. Are you saying that the resulting solution would still be 3.0 pH?
thats not what I read, correct me if Im didn't see it but what I mean is without adding anything to the water, the volume of more or less water will not change the ph
I found that the mash pH shown changes with changes in the volume of mash water after hitting the calculate button under the salts section, whether you entered any salts or not.