mangrove wit yeast not wanting to lie down

Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by i drink to forget, Jun 25, 2016.

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    made a wit using 2 packs of mangroves wit yeast in 35 ltrs. its been pretty much three weeks and although it fermented fast it doesnt want to clear up much. there was a good bit of haze in the wort before and so im sure a lot is just wheat but also there was not much proper slurry coming out the bottom. more like thin yeasty soup. the strange thing is if i take some of the beer and leave it in a glass it settles out fairly quickly.
    Might it be something to do with the conical fermentor keeping it all circulating?

    Doesnt taste off as far as i can tell, quite high in phenolics as it fermented quite warm -25 c ish, but nice.

    dont really know what the question is except if anyone has expierience using this yeast seen similar?

    Im going to spike it all with some sour brett type funk i got in a previous brew

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