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Jun 10, 2013
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I am wanting to add maltodextrin to my latest creation for head retention and body. I do not know how much to use in the bottling bucket. I have an 8oz pkg and my local store told me to dissolve the entire pkg in 2 C water and add with my simple syrup. I have read on some online resources that 8oz is too much and I should use 4-5oz.

What are your thoughts and what have you done in the past?
I've not used it in the past and have done only a small amount of research, but I've seen 8oz per 5 gallons is the standard usage. I was under the impression, however, that it's unfermentable, so you would want to add it to the boil in order to get the best results. Adding to bottling bucket could possibly give you uneven results; plus, the amount of water you'd need in order to dissolve it would be enough to dilute your beer, even if only slightly. Just checked another source that says to add to boil. I'm all in favor of experimentation, though when it comes to introducing a new variable, I would want to have a control group as well. Are you using it in a brew that you've already done before, in order to be able to compare the results?

If you're looking for head retention, I have had really good results with Kreamyx, though that's basically just a mix of dextrose and DME, with some propylene glycol.
I would add to boil. It should give body, but might not do much for head retention.
If you're doing extract, you might add a bit. I'm a Reinheitsgebot-lite kind of guy and figure if it has a chemical name, I likely don't want it in my brews, unless I know exactly what the outcome is supposed to be. In most cases, your beer should be fine without it, some carapils (dextrine malt) or carafoam may be just what you need. If you're doing all-grain, skip the complex sugars and malt a couple of degrees warmer. Same effect.
Thought I'd throw my 2c in here... I've used Maltodextrin on several extract brews under recommendation by an expert brewer friend of mine. Simply add ~8oz to the boil. That's it. In fact, I'd recommend doing so on any extract brew where you didn't seem to get much body on the prior batch. It'll thicken up the beer a bit and give you a bit more head and body. I first used it on an amber ale a year or so ago. Turned out amazing. I also used it in a Hanks Hef here a couple months ago. Also, turned out very good. But, alas... I've switched over to AG, BIAB. So, no more Maltodextrin. ;) Cheers!