Lord of the Rings Strikes again!!

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    Well, I just watched the Lord or the Rings again and the geek inspired imagination hit. Not to mention the Dungeon and Dragon fan excitement popped. So here is my Idea for a Dwarven inspired Mead.

    Drakk Gorog (dwarven for Dragon Spirit)
    Predicted OG:1.204
    Volume: 6.5 Gallons
    35 lb Honey
    Lalvin K1-V1116 Starter
    3 gal Cranberry Juice Primary
    5 lb Strawberries Primary
    7 lb Canned Cherries Primary
    3 tsp Pectic Enzyme Primary
    2 tsp DAP Primary
    2 tsp Fermaid-K Primary
    3 tsp Potassium Sorbate Secondary

    Going for a high ABV due to being inspired by a drink made by the Dwarves of Lonely Mountain. what do you think?

    This one is inspired by the Man and Hobbits

    Steelforged Stout
    Predicted OG:1.081
    Volume: 5 Gallons
    3.3 lb Liquid Malt Extract - Amber - US
    1 lb Crystal 120L - CA
    1 lb Special B - BE
    1 lb Smoked Malt - US
    4 lb Molasses - US
    1 lb Roasted Barley - US
    1 lb Chocolate Wheat Malt - DE 33
    1 lb Centennial Pellet Boil 60minutes
    1 lb Cascade Pellet Boil 60minutes
    1.5 lb Cascade Pellet Boil 20minutes
    3 gal Apple Cider Primary
    Wyeast American Ale 1056
    And last of all, one for the Elves

    Irrisen Icewine
    Predicted OG:1.167
    Starting Volume: 6.5
    Ending Volume:????

    10 lb Honey - US
    16 lb Table Sugar - Sucrose - US
    6 gal Pineapple juice Primary
    10 lb Strawberries Primary
    3 tsp DAP Primary
    4 tsp Pectic Enzyme Primary
    3 tsp Fermaid-K Primary
    White Labs English Cider
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    i definitely love the inspiration for this!

    not really a comment on the recipe, but 35 lbs of honey is going to be expensive. i did a mead years ago with 18 lbs or so, and it was around $100 bucks

    the second recipe looks to be really high in specialty malts. i'd suggest bumping those down a bit, maybe even getting rid of one or 2. i think either the C120 or special B could be taken out. I know they're a bit different, but their contribution might get lost or muddled in the final product

    and i have no experience with icewine, but 16 lbs of sugar seems like an awful lot. unless you like'em dry!

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