Log entry - packaging.


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Jan 29, 2013
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I am sure this has been suggested.

Include bottling calculator in PACKAGING log entry in place of VOLUME.

Maybe a toggle for bottles ( calculator pops up) or keg ( volume).
Hi Krimbos, we left this sitting just to see how much activity it would get.

One of our concerns is, the brew log entry dialog would need to be able to expand/scroll to hold the entire bottling calculator. Not to mention there are LOTS of fields on the bottling calculator. To save the state of each field, and figure out how to jam it into that box makes this task go from easy to somewhat complex.

PS - any plans to get a keg system going?? :D
You'll find kegging to be an absolute delight.
Thx LB.

I can see how that can be a complicated programming issue.

No kegs on horizon yet. Bottling is somewhat therapeutic, wouldn't you say??
Aside from the cost of upgrading to a keg system, it is sweet. Bottling takes longer, can be fun, can be a chore.
Hey Larry.
How about this? A calculator inside the packaging log where you input your final batch inventory, ie,
24x12, 6x22,1x5l, and the total volume is calculated and logged? That shouldn't be too difficult?