Keezer upgrade questions

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Jan 5, 2013
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I have been using picnic taps on my kegs in my keezer, but now Im going to increase the depth of my keezer by the usual method of raising the box by installing a 2x6 or possibly a 2x8 so I can get one more keg inside of it. I also want to install new taps that are mounted through the wood. My question is, what are the least troublesome taps I can buy. I heard some of them get gummed up faster than most. I will have 4 kegs in the keezer with the CO2 bottle outside of it along with the gauges. Trying to come up with a good gauge set up also. My setup now is hodgepodge but it works, but messy. Thanks!


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Perlick or Intertap are both forward sealing taps both are stainless, both have a couple of different selling points. Search around the web for pictures and info on taps and keezers and you will find ideas that will work for you, there's lots of them out there. Also be sure and measure keg with lines hooked up to make sure you get proper clearance and get shanks that are long enough to go through the collar.
But don't get shanks longer than you need. They tend to get in the way when pulling or placing kegs.