July 9th Updates

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    We always post our changelog in our "learn" pages automatically: https://docs.brewersfriend.com/changelog. In case you may have noticed some new features, this list will show you the entire changelog:



    • Brew Sessions - Added event tooltips to log entries that measure efficiency; mash complete (conversion), preboil (kettle), boil complete (ending kettle), and brewday complete (brewhouse)

    • Recipe Builder - Fixed zero attenuation issue reporting 100% ABV. Now zero will report 0% ABV.

    • Recipe Builder - Changed Quick Water Requirements to use recipe units instead of user settings.

    • Recipe Builder - Fixed a error that prevented boil time of zero.

    • Recipe Builder - Fixed a bug where the mash thickness, and QWR, were not properly accounting for flaked grains.

    • Recipe Builder - Fixed a bug with unit conversion of other ingredients, fermentables, and fermentation temperature when changing the recipe units.

    • Recipe Builder - Improved the unit conversion of BF default rounding to maintain a higher level of precision.

    • Recipe Builder / Inventory - Made 'mashed' default to ON when adding custom fermentables to inventory and recipes.

    • Brew Sessions - Updated brew session volume and gravity tooltips to describe what volume/gravity should be input.

    • Brew Sessions - Fixed various issues regarding "+-days" and updated datestamp of brew sessions and log issues.

    • Water calculator - Fixed error with salts not working correctly for some

    • Documentation FAQ - Updated the brew session section of the FAQs, to align more with the log entries. https://docs.brewersfriend.com/faq/brew-sessions.

    • BeerXML export - Fixed a bug with unsupported recipe styles and mash types.

    • Color Calculator - Fixed a bug with SRM/Lovi/EBC conversion.

    • Recipe Builder, inventory, my recipes, recipe view etc. - Expanded options for currency symbol.
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