I've never done this before.

Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by teppegtb, May 2, 2014.

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    Just finished first brew night.
    It was put off a few times but finally we were able to get it done. At my brother in laws. I show up. Unload everything knock. He's not home.
    But he came home and we brewed. His wife went to bed.
    We both did partial mashes. It was his 6or 7th brew. My first.
    He did a Magic hat #9 clone he got from a brew book.
    I did an India style brown ale that I tried to match to boulder brewings flashback.
    I don't have a finished product yet but
    -It was incredibly easy. I have been so intimidated by all of what brewing could be that I didn't see how easy it can be.
    -his whole house smelled amazing.
    - he is far less analytical than I and we talked each other through all the steps for both brews. He let me sparge 2 degrees below what the instructions said and I made him measure out his dme instead of just pouring.
    - we both nailed our temperature corrected starting gravity.
    I was happy with that cause it seemed like a goal of some type to prove I was doing something right. It was probably just predetermined by the ingredients but screw it. I nailed it.
    - we drank a bunch of beers each and had fun. I can't possibly explain this. It has nothing to do with the beer but it was as much fun as I've had in a while.

    An off the wall Christmas gift last year(at a local brew your own place) led me to this site. From there I learned what I could. Tonight I tried it out. If it's good, thanks for the help. If it's bad, thanks for the help. The next one will be better.

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    Awesome! Thats what it's all about. I've got a couple of friends who brew as well, we often have tasting sessions over a boiling pot!

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