IPA too sweet.

Discussion in 'Recipes for Feedback' started by 7 Slot Brewing, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Time. I figured that one from both personal experience and from research - if the gravity was that low, it couldn't be residual sugar you were tasting. I have the same thing in an Imperial Saison I did - it tastes sweet, briefly, then the phenols take over. Fermented at 90°, finishing at 1.002 and 10.5% ABV, it's esters I taste in it. Same thing has happened to my IPAs - initially sweet, then nice. I'd highly recommend a read of Chris White and Jamail Zainasheff's "Yeast" for a good, accessible primer on all things fermentation - in fact, I intend to write a review of it for this forum. It's where I got the advice on cold-crashing (something I'd never done, anyway) and diacetyl as well as the notion that esters were causing the fading sweetness in the beer. Another factor I'd not considered in bottle conditioning was priming sugar - that could have caused a sweet taste in beers soon after bottling and fading with time. So, without the equipment to test and be certain, I have to rely on my process and Ninkasi's good grace but she generally comes through....

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