IPA Recipe

Looks great!

Personally, I'd up the IBUs by 20-30.

Try making some of the extract a late addition (there is a checkbox on the recipe editor). Perhaps add another 0.5 oz of Chinook at 60 minutes?
Good thought.. and thanks for the feedback.
I might be a little conservative since I'm just doing extract stuff right now, not sure just how hoppy it would get relative to having some balance.

My inspiration on this is New Belgium Ranger, which has become one of my favorites. It's in that range for ABV and IBU and uses those hops.
I consider it a life long quest to dial in the perfect beers. I'm currently exploring more robust IPAs / IIPAs, which is a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself, and hey, you can always look forward to that next batch!
It's strictly a matter of taste. For myself, I go pretty light on caramel malt, and a lot of times I don't use any. 2 lbs is a lot in a 5 gallon batch - I'd probably cut back on that and increase the boil hops a tad. As is, I think it's going to be quite a bit sweeter than Ranger (one of my favorite commercial IPAs), which is fairly dry and crisp. There isn't really a short cut for figuring out your own preferences. If you brew this one and like it, so be it. If you do find that it's a bit syrupy, cut back on the c-malt next time.
I like a really bitter base beer (about in the range you're stating) balanced with lots of caramel sweetness (about in the range you're stating, but I mash it instead of steeping). I'm not familiar with all of the hops you are using but I tend to favor Crystal, Centennial and Citra for the dry-hopping part. But your recipe sounds intriguing - please let us know how it comes out!