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    Apologies in advance if these exist in some form or another!

    Inventory by recipe
    I have most of my brews planned out (somewhat) ahead of time and when it's time to get inventory, I like to aggregate recipes together for the shopping list. A feature addition that would be different then just adding an entire recipe (all ingredients) to a shopping list would be the ability to select x number of my recipes, and have a display of the aggregate totals of malt, hops and yeast (minimally). So if I have 3 recipes with 10, 15 and 12 lbs of Belgian pilsner, respectively, it would show me that I need 37 lbs total, with an option to add these amounts to a shopping list.

    Inventory by manufacturer
    I'm lucky to have three LHBS within reasonable distance of me so it's common that I might have 12 lbs of Dingeman's Pilsner, and 15 lbs of Chateau/Castle. While I can separate them in inventory by using the "location" field, when I go to start a brew session, i can only pick from one of those inventory amounts. Having the inventory at least separable with Manufacturer would help, especially since the color, diastatic power, etc., can be different also.

    Hops Inventory
    This is especially useful for hops that have different AA%. A possible aid to this might be to have Hops AAU calculated. There are times when I have Styrian Goldings that are 3.5% and the next bunch I get are 4.2% I calculate the total AAUs I have in inventory, rather than the individual AA%, when i go to buy because I don't necessarily know what the store will have in stock. For example, if I have Styrians: 2 oz of 3.5% and 1.6oz of 4.2%, I have 13.72 AAUs. If I need 20 AAUs, and I go to the store and they have 3.0%, I know i'll need to get 2.10oz (more likely 3oz due to unit) to cover what i need.

    Similar to malt inventory when I start a brew session with Hops, i will only get an option of hops if the AA% matches, otherwise I have to deduct it manually if I use multiple AA%

    Custom Fermentables
    There is a way to import public water profiles, having the ability for public submission for other ingredients could help in the maintenance of these databases. Adding a public custom malt with all of its numbers would go a long way for some people but may not be necessary to add to the "main" database. Helps everyone out!

    Water Chemistry in Brew Session
    I've seen this tossed around by some, but it would be nice to have the chemistry in the recipe profile come over to the brew session, including acid additions, salt additions and water dilution.

    Right now, the water chemistry in my brew session defaults the source to the first one in my list. Water dilution and salt additions are always 0. I have to do the work twice, sometimes after some weeks between the recipe formulation and actual brew day.

    Thanks for reading, I would be lost without BF on my brew days as I do about 20 a season!


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