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Jul 16, 2012
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Hey All,

My name is Daniel and I am a brewer in the USA and specifically Northern California. I have been brewing for coming up on two years now. I feel like I have progressed pretty far in my brewing in the last two years as far as transitioning from extract to all grain (including all the involved equipment... there's always something more isn't there :D ), making starters, using yeast nutrient, etc., and just have been learning a lot from everyone I meet and interact with as a homebrewer. I recently have been involved in some large barrel projects and was able to get my hands on a 5 gallon rum barrel which I have been experimenting with. I think this website is pretty sweet which is why I signed up in the 1st place. I like the ablility to log my recipes online. I generally make bigger beers and most recently since I have been making barrel beers none are below 8%. I keg my homebrew too but have been bottling a lot of the bigger ones because I figure having a keb of 8%+ beer would be pretty dangerous :D . My next brew is going to be rye IPA around 7% to keep things on the lower end of the spectrum. Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy making a good pale and english bitter. Anyways, wanted to say and happy brewing!
Wow, a rum barrel, that is bound to give some pretty awesome flavors worthy of an 8% beer.

If you ever want to turn it into a blog post (or series of blog posts), let us know and we can talk more about that.
Ya I just botteled it about a week ago and I can't wait to try it. I could turn it into some sort of blog post if you would like.