holiday beer with apple


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Aug 3, 2013
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Wanting to make a mini mash holiday apple ale.wondering how to get flavor and convert able sugars out of the apple.also I was thinking of starting with a simple white beer y'all think that will work if not any suggestions
I know this seems like a new fad, but do you realize apple flavor in beer is considered an "Off Flavor".
The apple sugars don't need to be converted if you choose to use them. The Mash process is used to convert starches into sugar, in apples or any fruit for that matter, the sugars are already present.
Hope this helps.
I think the best way to make an apple ale or something like zapple would be to make a beer with mostly rice and very little pilsner , separately make a strong apple juice, mix them together in the secondary
If you're kegging I recommend doing two things. Make a base beer of "lighter" flavor. I made a light amber last time, but you could do just about anything. Then get some apple juice and ferment half of it and save the other half. Then once both beer and cider are done; blend all three together (beer, cider, and juice). It makes it hard to do if you're not kegging as the juice will ferment again and make bottle bombs.

Below is my recipe that I've used before.