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Aug 3, 2012
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August Buds!


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My Chinook hops are getting BIG and boy do they smell amazing. Can't wait to brew with these! Should get 6-8oz from this second year plant.


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Mine aren't quite as far, or nearly as healthy looking (5th story balcony is not ideal for hops), but they are getting there...
Here's my Tettnanger from 4 days ago and today:

Unfortunately, it isn't looking like my Northern Brewer will produce much this year. :(


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Question for you hop farmers. I got a source for some fresh hops when they are ready. More than I can brew with in one batch. Can I freeze them wet, or must they be dried first. This isn't for long term storage, just for a couple of weeks. Also do I assume the same level of flavor/ bitterness from wet that I am familiar with in the dry?
I froze my hops last year, and wasn't particularly thrilled when I finally got around to putting them in a brew (a few months later). Thawed out, they pretty much looked and smelled like cut grass. :?
I used them anyway, and the beer turned out okay, but it was such a small amount that I am not sure they were even really noticable.
This year, they are going straight from the vine into the (late) boil. :mrgreen:
Thanks for the info. I got a pound each of Cascade, Northern brewer, Magnum , and Nugget coming whenever they are ready. I guess I'll have to dry them. I didn't think about the weight difference with the extra moisture. Should I dry them all, and then figure a recipe, or attempt a "wet" brew. Is there any noticeable difference in the final beer?
Fresh hop beers are awesome!

However... if you decide to save some for later, I would dry them on a screen before packaging. Normally when you order in bulk they are pre-dried, vacuum sealed, and ready to be frozen. That is, unless you specifically ordered the fresh hop versions.

This post has a picture of an easy setup for drying hops: ... uidelines/