Help with a Beer Recipe - Chai Latte Stout

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    I received the ingredient list for my favorite beer from my favorite local craft brewery. Its a Chai Latte stout. Can you help piece together a proper ingredient profile/recipe from this list. I don't know what ratios to use.

    Thanks for the email and appreciation for our Spice Odyssey!!

    We don't share exact recipes for our beers but I can give you the ingredient list!
    We use our bulk 2-row Pale malt for the base and add, in order of volume, Carafa Special Type 3, Caraaroma, and Chocolate malt. We only use Nugget for bitterring and only spices added late (no late addition hops).
    The spices in that beer are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

    That beer has had a lot of success here! It seems like we will be producing it seasonally for the time being

    Thanks in advance guys

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