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    Good morning everyone, I'm glad to be part of this brewing community! I'm a new brewer, started in January of this year with a extract kit I received for Christmas. I mentioned I wanted to give it a try so the wife gave me all the basics from a local home brew supply shop. After my third batch, I decided to go all in and start brewing all grain. So I cobbled together a mash tun out of a cooler and parts from home Depot, dug out the camp stove, and made a chiller out of copper tubing, and I was off. Nine months in I'm brewing my 14th batch this weekend! Clearly I'm completely hooked, or I drink too much. Probably a lot of both!


    "When the Devil says to you, "Do not drink beer!" Answer him, "I will drink beer and right freely just because you tell me not to!" ----Martin Luther

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