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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hagar, Mar 6, 2016.

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    NW Georgia
    Brand new to home brewing, and glad to have been bitten by the bug!

    Brewers Friend came highly recommended as a home base for all my recipes and stuff, and god knows I need it. I seriously lack organizational skills. My attempts at a paper brewbook have failed miserably. I'm still in the process of learning the site and getting everything set up.

    For myself, I intend to be doing kvass, ciders, wines, and gruit beers. I've been making and enjoying kvass for several months now. However, I finally got the equipment and ingredients to level up to beers and ciders.


    I've got a first attempt at a gruit bubbling away under the stairs; hopefully it will turn out well. It's an all extract brown beer in which I've used very reserved measures of mugwort and sarsaparilla, with an especially light handed dose of wormwood. It seemed like a good starting point, all things considered, but that theory is yet to be proven...

    So far all seems well. I used wlp005 British Ale and the primary is fermenting at a steady 70°F. That is definitely at the tip top of the recommended temp for that yeast but that's the only spot I can put my fermenter at the moment. I wish I had found y'all before I went to the LHBS as I would have known to let the guy know what temp I was going to be working with. As it is he set me up as best he could with the information I knew to give him.

    My ultimate goal at this point would be both a Jagermeister Gruit and a good semi sweet cider that I can produce on a regular basis.

    Anyhoo, glad to be here, and looking forward to a lot of good home brew! :D
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    welcome to the site and good luck brewing

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