Hello from newbie in Michigan


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Oct 19, 2015
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Long time beer drinking, however new into brewing. I am enjoying this new journey into the depths of beer as I never realized there was so much. So bare with me as my questions may seem silly. This site was recommended by a friend so here I am and I look forward to making new friends while exploring and learning all about my newest hobby.

Can any beer recipe be made into a lager or is it the yeast that makes it lager worthy?

Any links with details on actual process of mashing would be helpful as I am searching out that aspect. I have brewed a couple of batches but have yet to mash, that is next.

For now, thanks and be well - Aaron
welcome Aaron and glad you picked this site, its really the one of the best if not the best on the Internet, to answer your question: no not any recipe can be made into a lager and just a tip a good lite lager is one of the hardest beers to master so starting out I wouldn't rush into the hardest beer to make, just my fyi. You do need lager yeast which ferments from the bottom up and ale yeast the top down so lagering is a much slower process
Thanks for the info, cool to know about how the different yeast work!
Hey Aaron!!,
big hello from practically a next door neighbor in IA :)Boy do you have a bunch of great examples of craft beer there in MI. Michigan is by far our favorite state to visit and go figure has some of our favorite brewers :lol: welcome to the site really a bunch of really good people here and always willing to help.... as far as learning techniques and methods I learned a lot from just watching brewing tv on youtube and my Brew Your Own supscription before i made the switch to all-grain biab
Why thank you, I have not checked out You Tube yet but will now. I did find a couple of interesting articles last night that explained the science behind it. Love learning. Even more excited I think to experiment with the different grains and flavors. I have always been pretty simple in the past when it came to beer but now I am ready to explore all it has to offer.
WiseBrew said:
Even more excited I think to experiment with the different grains and flavors.

I think my appreciation / understanding really increased when I was doing test batches to see the differences between base malts, hops, and yeasts. Like, I knew that english hops were more delicate and floral compare to american ones, but the difference didn't really hit me until i tasted a stripped down beer that highlighted that one ingredient. They're "simple" from the brewing aspect, but can add a bit of depth to your knowledge base.
also, with all the different terms and jargon, some things didn't really click for me until I actually saw someone else doing it or i just stumbled my way through it first