Hello From Central Indiana

Big Rock

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Dec 7, 2017
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I have been brewing for about a year, but am just now getting into all grain brewing. My wife and I had taken a class last year at Great Fermentations down in Indy about all grain brewing. She enjoys helping brew as much as I do making it which is a plus. She has never cared for beer, but the first pint of Honey Nut Brown she drank changed her mind :). I built a keezer last year with 2 faucets and would like to add at least one more faucet next year. I'll enjoy being on the forum and learning all I can to make me a better brewer.
Mate your ahead already your missus likes your homebrew thumbs up to you. Welcome.
It is a great thing when your wife enjoys the brewday and the beer as much as you do. I'm lucky that way too!