Hello fellow brewers. I think I made a boob!!


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Jan 16, 2016
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Hi guys, looking for a little advice as a brand new brewer. Last week whilst making my first 1 gallon batch I pitched my yeast when the wort was way too warm (I mixed up my Farenheit and Celcius and pitched at 70c instead of 70f :evil: ). I only realised my error this morning after I joined Brewer's Friend and printed off the very handy brew day sheets. It looks like there has been some action in the carboy, but I can't be sure.

Have I ruined my batch? Or is it salvageable?

Also, I was using one of Brooklyn Brew Shop's starter kits.

Hope to hear back soon. Will be attempting another brew today after a visit to my local home brew store to pick up ingredients.
thats 158f and should kill most yeast, just cool the wort down and pitch more, problem solved
Awesome, it was just under a week ago that I did this, so pitching some would still work? And would you recommend that I leave it fermenting for a further 2 weeks once I re-pitch?

Thanks for the advice, I think I'm going to enjoy brewing once i cut out the initial mistakes!!!!
I really appreciate the advice! Hopefully today's brew will go more smoothly!!
Hehe, welcome to the hobby. I see you've already gotten off to a good start. Just make sure you get all these little boo-boos out early on, and don't keep doing them after, say, more than 20 years of homebrewing. We never make mistakes anymore, but we remember those days with a not-so-fond remembrance....

Oh who am I kidding? My latest batch is a pilsner, and I was so focused on getting all the steps right and worrying about this and that, that I completely hooked up my valve fittings to the boiling kettle and mash/sparge tuns incorrectly, and after about 15 minutes of agonizing over how in the hell I was going to get my heated mash water transferred over to my mash tun... a buddy of mine said, "Hey, isn't that the fitting you're looking for?" He was pointing down inside the boil kettle. I had attached the outgoing fitting to the inside of the kettle instead of the outside.

So, yeah. Stuff happens. You just always hope that it's "stuff" that you can recover a batch from,like using a bucket of sanitizer (chlorine bleach) for your boil water. Good thing that boiling does drive off excess chlorine. Still...something was never quite right about that batch and that was the only thing I could attribute it to. :roll:
For the first time in 20 years that I can recall, I did not ensure that the valve on my bottling bucket was closed when I installed it. This was the last batch that I bottled, just a couple days ago. As the bucket filled, when I was doing other things, my brew was flowing right out of the opened valve. I only lost maybe a cup of brew. The bigger concern to me is that my corn sugar solution was already in the bucket. I think the bigger loss was that. My carbonation might be a tad low on this batch.