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Mar 16, 2013
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Hello Everyone. New to the site. Been brewing for quite a few years now. I really like the layout of this site and all the info it provides.

I do have one question though. I am currently setting up a water profile for a red ale. I would like to print some type of summary page. I may be simply overlooking some print button, but I can't find it. Once again, great site!

Welcome to the fold! Thanks for the kind words.

As for printing a recipe, after you save a recipe you can go to View, and then click on Print.
Thanks. Got the recipe view, but where is the "view" button for the water profile calculator so I can print it only?
Which water calculator are you talking about (past in the link). We have a basic and advanced version, and need to know if you are in the stand alone mode, or in a brew session. Cheers :D
It's the Water Chemistry - advanced calculator. I am not in a brew session. I was just inputting my grain into the calculator to see what my mash pH would be. This site has given me very good predictions on my last 4 brews! Thanks!
Yep, adding print capability is on the TODO list for the advanced water calculator.