Hefeweizen into witbier

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    I wanted to make a hefeweizen an found this recipe:

    2,5 kg Malt American 2-Row
    2,0 kg Wheat malt
    230 g. Malt carapils
    230 g. Malte vienna

    14,0 g. Hallertau 4,5%AA 60 min
    7,5 g. Hallertau 4,5%AA 30 min
    14,0 g. Hallertau 4,5%AA 15 min

    11,5 g. Yeast WLP-380

    As I didn't find the correct hops and yeast from the original recipe I made the following substitutions looking for the same IBU:

    16,0 g. Hallertau Hersbrucker 3,3%AA 60 min
    14,0 g. Hallertau Hersbrucker 3,3%AA 30 min
    8,0 g. Hallertau Hersbrucker 3,3%AA 15 min

    11,5 g. Yeast WB-06

    In the end I noticed the yeast was for a witbier instead of hefeweizen and I 'd really like to make this change, but I didn't add coriander seeds and orange peel during boiling. Now my beer is fermenting for 3 days.

    Does anyone now if it's ok if I add them at second fermentation?
    If yes, how should I do it?
    Should I have the same results as if they were added during boiling?

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    Here's my suggestion: Prior to bottling, make a tea of coriander by crushing about a half-ounce of it, boiling it in a pint or so of water or steeping it in water that's been sterilized by boiling. Add that to your beer to taste, then add your priming sugar and bottle. As far as the orange peel, I'd put it in a spice bag and dry-hop with it once you get your beer in secondary. Keep sampling and pull the orange peel out just before you can really taste it in the beer - you don't want orange pop, just a bit of orange to complement the beer. Same with the coriander. In fact, I'll likely use exactly this process the next time I make a Wit. My last one was far too spicy.

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