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Jul 4, 2012
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Totally off the wall, crazy question... has anyone experienced "heartburn" from their home-brew? I drink beer pretty regularly and just started brewing my own and for some reason i get heartburn. Can this be because i'm not letting it condition long enough or not boiling as rapidly as i should? Just asking...
Thanks for reading? A
Homer Simpson always said to his heart burn:
"Beer will put that fire out!"

This is kind of the opposite... Home brew is not filtered, so maybe the yeast?
Very good question. I have experienced similar issues with some homebrews. I find personally that beers with high IBU's or alpha acids tend to "burn" me more than others. It also depends on the hops for me as well. Do you tend to use the same ingredients in your brews? If so, what kind of Hops, Yeasts do you use?
i have used a variety of hops & yeast. I think the ibu's may be tied to it. Also, some of the yeast sediment was making it's way into my glass.