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    I am a new BIAB brewer. I know I want 4G of beer going into primary. Is there a calculator somewhere that tells me how much loss due to grain absorption and boil evaporation I will have? I want to know how much water to start with, factor in grain absorption loss and evaporation loss at boil to end up with 4 G of beer.
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    Hi, the boiloff rate and absorbtion are both going to depend on your equipment / process.

    You can easily get your boiloff rate just by filling your boilpot and boiling it for an hour. Water at start - water left after an hour is your boil off amount per hour.

    For absorption, I did some research on thw net, and I use 1 liter per kg. I squeeze the bag. There are a couple of good BIAB forums around, just pick a figure and try it.

    Keep good records and adjust these (and other) figures as you brew more.

    The biggest problem I had with my calcs when I first started was not allowing for trub losses which are quite high in BIAB.

    There are a lot of water calculators around, when I first started I used the one on here. Under your profile there is an 'equipment profile' tab. Set that up and go from there.

    Good luck!

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