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Jul 7, 2012
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If I freeze my gyle primer until I need it to bottle my brew , is it still
necessary to boil it first and then cool it before adding it to the
bottling bucket or can I just defrost and go?
I would - there are some nasty bugs in freezers!
There's been a small discussion on this on another thread "priming with gyle".

Here's what I do: calculate and rack off enough gyle into sanitized mason jars, freeze until the day before bottling and then thaw and add directly to fermented wort. I've done this about 8 times thus far and not had a problem with infection.

So in short, if you've sanitized the vessels in which you froze the gyle, no you don't need to reboil.

sidenote: I have learned to err on the liberal side of adding gyle.
Adomo said:
sidenote: I have learned to err on the liberal side of adding gyle.

So, by what % do you pad it in order to get desired priming levels, or do you just prefer your beer more carbonated?

By what % do I pad it? I was simply measuring out a few ounces more. Nothing scientific because I had little idea what my carb levels were. I was just finding that by using the gyle calculator from other sources my beer was under carbed. Now, however, I can dial it in thanks to the gyle upgrades you made in the priming calculator. thanks again

I'm off right now to bottle up 10 gallons.
By the way, here is a link to our new Gyle and Krausen calculator: ... alculator/

I'd be interested to know how the numbers from our calculator stack up against the numbers you were using to prime with Gyle in the past? If your beer was previously under carbed, I'd expect the calculator to give higher amounts.