Guinness Clone almost ready!

Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by sn00ky, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hello brewers!

    Just finished plumbing up my 3-way gas manifold, carb line, stout tip for my intertap and NITRO! WOOT!!!
    Fancy smancy new bottle of nitro just awaiting one more adapter and I am online! Now, that all being said, My attempt at a Guinness clone is sure looking / tasting good so far, but not quite ready.

    Right now, it is conditioning in my cooler at 41F.

    2 questions:

    1) Intend on carbonating with co2, then push with 70/30. Calculator says -1.6psi for pressure to get 1.2 volumes. Does this mean I require carbonating at warmer temps? Should I just hook up the nitro and set 30 ish psi (see how it pours, and adjust from there once carbonated)?

    2) The "twang" of Guinness - After much reading / debate / confusion I am sitting with a decision. Should I simply use 88% lactic acid to taste? Or should I used the 24 oz of soured Guinness that I put in my freezer after souring when I brewed? I am leaning on what seems to be the "original" way and use the soured (after boiling for bacteria), but like the simplistic way of a few drops (which I welcome opinions on how much as I have no clue) of lactic?

    Anyone have experience with InterTap's stout tip? I decided to go this way instead of a full blown stout tap for now for convenience, though a proper tap is on the wish list!

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