Greetings from Wolfgang in Perth, Australia

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Aug 17, 2015
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My name Rob (aka Wolfgang) and I'm from Perth, Western Australia. I do medieval recreation and started brewing as a result of this.

My main focuses with brewing (either in isolation or combination) are:
- Medieval recipes (based on Pre-1600 texts)
- Any thing German
- Meads
- Ciders

Knowledge at the moment is very basic. My beers have been from Home Brew Cans. Meads and Ciders pretty basic. Looking into delving into the science a little more and building to full grain brews.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and learning heaps.

Building to all grain brews is easier today than it's ever been. If you've done an extract with a full batch boil, you're 99% there. It was your fellow Australians who came up with Brew in a Bag. It works very well. All you need besides your extract equipment is a bag.
Nosybear's beer school (before you embark on some of the more ambitious of your interests): Pick a simple pale ale recipe, brew it the same way until it tastes the same every time, then branch out. I love German beers, too, even the more obscure ones like Graetzer or Kottbusser. German-style brewing is procedurally very exacting so be good at the basics before you start to avoid disappointment. And Prost!
I may be wrong but I thought based on what he does "medieval recreation". I thought he meant to recreate how and what they brewed in the 1600's, this would be a good thing to recreate the old fashion way back in the kings era where they had unhopped top shelf beer for the royal family then the second runnings would be for servants, guests and help, the third would be for slaves and children with very little alcohol or flavor but a sterile drink that wouldn't make you sick
I was thinking recipe recreation - but you do raise a good point! Back then recreation would be pretty simple: Sanitize nothing, expect your beer to sour in a few days, off-flavors the norm.... But still better than dysentery from the water!
I'm pretty sure they used open fermentation and boiled in a crock above the wood fed fire place, this would be a challenge to get it right and still taste good
For all those who have mentioned what you thought I meant by recreating medieval brews, your all correct. I want to recreate period recipes including 2 and 3 run-offs.
Of course, certain sanitation aspects have to be adhered to. And the rest will be learnt.
I have now done a 1503 Tudor Beer and a Belgian Blonde Honey Ale from extracts and they have both been described as session beers.
hey mate im looking to sell my hops plants just wondering wether you were interested at all or know anyone im located SOR