Greeting from Gothenburg, Sweden.


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Jan 12, 2014
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I very recently got back into brewing (brewed my first Porter ( in years today). Searching for some good tools to use I found Brewer's Friend and was amazed. Everything I needed in a intuitive online package.

I use two 36 liter kettles with false bottoms in a make shift stove top brewery, some heavy lifting but I seem to hit my numbers almost spot on. Since I won't brew all that often it's all I need for now.

So why did I get back into brewing? Mostly for fun but also because quitting my job and going to engineering school made the amount of craft beer I drink unaffordable, since I already had the equipment and the know-how..well. here I am.
Gothenburg is a lovely town! I've been there through my company - we have an office in Gothenburg - but didn't get to stay nearly long enough. Welcome aboard!
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Just drinking the gravity reading from the botteling of my first batch(in the last few years). Tasty already.
Greetings from Ohio, USA. Hope things are going well. I just got back into the hobby and am
trying the BIAB mashing method. My brother was in Gothenburg recently, and is now in Germany.
I am retired recently from pharmacy. Good luck with your beer. Nick