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    Hi, I am new to the sight, so thanks in advance for the info I will gather.
    I am new to brewing and doing all grain brews so in the early stages of my craft. Made 6 different beers so far and had a few tastes that were trespassing into the results but also had some good results.
    Questions to start me here are about efficiency, dilution, yeast harvest and starters for the next brew.
    Efficiency- after the brewing process I end up with a 15 ltr cube, a growler (1.8) and cast away a little.
    How do you calculate the result.
    Dilution prior to ferment. I take SG readings - now just after removing the malt pipe and then after the boil. Continually thru fermenting. Given there are finishing targets, who sets the target and what defines it? So far, I have played add and hope - ie, added enough to fill the fermenter to its level.
    Yeast - studied the harvest process, saved it but don't know how much to use on the next batch. How long does the harvested yeast keep in the frig?
    I pitched my last brew straight onto the last brew yeast cake (being the same beer variety). Not racked yet so don't know the result.
    Starters- I have kept a 1.8 litre bottle each of the last 2 brews and refrigerated them. How long can these be kept in a viable sense?
    Any comments appreciated.

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