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    To begin with : I'm not familiar with the way mostbrew in USA. For me I do simple infusion mash during my all grain brewing.

    Question: Would it be possible to give a estimate of the duration of the brew session? To calculate correctly, you should enter in your equipment profile the time that is need to raise the mash/water with 1 degree, and tell the hotest temperature of warm tapwater.
    When you know these 2 facts, you could calculate how long it will take to brew a recipe:

    - Take start temperature for mash, If higher than hottest tapwater -> calculate time that is needed to raise
    - Add mash time
    - Take difference in degrees between current step and next step, calculate time needed to raise
    - Add mash time
    - etc.
    - Calculate time needed to sparge (maybe learning mode or enter in equipment)
    - Calculate temperature of wort going to kettle, and time needed to get boiling (burner/heater equipment)
    - Add boiltime
    - Add cooling time

    Now you have a rough indicator of the time needed to brew this recipe

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