Dry hop a barleywine?

Mark Farrall

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Oct 19, 2017
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So the fermentation of my first attempt at a barleywine is basically done. It had a fairly healthy (by barleywine standards) hop addition near the end of the boil and I'm now tossing up whether I want to dry hop it. Normally I wouldn't dry hop something that's going to spend a lot of time in the bottle, but I was trying for a fairly hoppy beer.

Is anybody going to notice the dry hop after 6 months in the bottle and would I just be wasting my time and hops?

Recipe in case you're interested - https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/781860/barleywine

Edit: I had thought about bulk aging it and then dry hopping just before bottling, but I don't have anything around at the moment for the bulk aging.
Your last thought is the only way I would think it would work. A few days of dry hoping 6 months ago doesn't seem like it would matter
It depends on what you're going for anf how long you plan to age it.
Quite a few years ago I entered a British barleywine into a competition and got so-so scores; "Too hoppy for style". The next year I entered it again and got 2nd in best of show.
I wouldnt but agree it depends on how long until consumption. The barley wine I've got has been A few a year type beer so if I brew one again. Itll get a bittering and maybe a 15 but more so just to ballance the malt.

That looks like a big malty beer looks good.
Like your yeast choice that should drop super clear In Six months time:).