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Dec 16, 2012
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Hi there,

I'm just hoping that you could add gyle to list of ingredients with which to prime. We've been using gyle collected from the kettle after the boil so we know the OG. We then freeze it and thaw it the day before we bottle. So far it's working well except that the gyle calculator we use on another site doesn't give us the amount of carbonation for any given quantity of gyle. I'd love to see that here.

Re: priming with gyle

Does anybody have an equation for this?
Re: priming with gyle

There seems to be lots of various methods of calculating gyle out there. I for one, have yet to krausen my brews but it is something I have thought about and haven't done because I can't wrap my head around the calculations. Here are some sites I have found that offer solutions:



http://beersmith.com/blog/2010/03/22/kr ... ewed-beer/

I would love to see something like this added. :)

*** EDIT: Does anyone know how/if this effects the batch size? I assume that it doesn't since you're ultimately adding it back. ***
Re: priming with gyle

I have used the online calculator, but it is subpar in that it does not allow for anything less than a gallon of measurement, nor does it convert to metric. Also, it doesn't take into account the various carbonation levels that are desirable in different types of beer, as the priming calculator on the Brewer's Friend does. Priming with Gyle undoubtedly works, but I'd love to be able to fine tune it and do it right there in BF.

I'll be bottling 9 gallons of Alt tomorrow with gyle. And also 3 gallons of an Pilsner/Alt Parti Gyle. I always err slightly on the liberal side of carbonation, but I'd like to dial it in.

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How have you been calculating your gyle amounts? Do you have a different calculator that you use? I have yet to use gyle myself, but it is definitely something I want to do down the road.
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Hey Bruce
I've been using the formula that has been discussed. It works, but I don't know at what carbonation level the conditioned beer is. I calculate how much volume is going into the fermentor and rack off enough beforehand to sanitized mason jars. I then freeze it and thaw it out the day before I bottle.
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Sounds like we'll have to do an extrapolation based on the equation above to determine equivalent volumes of CO2. This can be done!

It must be targeting a middle of the road value like 2.0 volumes.

Thanks for the info on this!
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) priming with gyle

The gyle / speise and krausen calculator is in the works! The brew log will contain parameterized links to it, so the units, beer volume, OG / FG will be pre-filled. It will support using a different source wort for the gyle. The krausen aspect will account for any sugars that have already fermented in the krausen.
Here is a link to the live stand alone calculator:
http://www.brewersfriend.com/gyle-and-k ... alculator/

We went ahead and dealt with Krausening at the same time. You can choose the desired volumes of CO2! Calculator also has the ability to limit the Gyle/Krausen on hand, it then tells you how much priming sugar is needed. Gyle/Krausen from a different beer (with different OG/FG) can be used. It should be fairly useful to everyone!

In a future release, we will parameterize the calculator, similar to the yeast pitch calculator, and provide a links to it from the recipe and the brew session pages. That way it will load with the values filled in from the recipe / brew day. We are also looking into adding volumes of CO2 as a recipe field to make this more complete.


And just in time too, I'm bottling a brown and a stout tomorrow with Gyle.

Thanks Larry
You are very welcome.

If you have any feedback please let us know.