(DONE) Plato -> Gravity conversion display


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Jan 28, 2013
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Another suggestion:

When in the Brew Log I'd love to see an auto conversion from Plato to Gravity. So if I type in "10" for my refractometer reading, I'd like to see the gravity number in parentheses beside it.
Re: Plato -> Gravity conversion display

Looked at this one in detail.

We are working on supporting refractrometer input as Brix, Plato, and SG, with an automatic correction for any alcohol present.

At this point, we could also have an additional field that lets you pick the unit you want to log it in. The brew log will display the gravity in the unit it was logged under. I can see how that would get annoying if multiple units are used throughout the logging process.

Another option that would work on the brew log listing is to have a hover effect, so if you mouse over the gravity shows the alternate units (brix, plato, and sg). This could even be wired as a click event for tablets and phones that don't have a 'mouse'.
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) Plato -> Gravity conversion display

Brix Refractometer suppport will go out in the next release, so that takes care of that aspect of this request (and it will let you pick the unit you want to log in, plato or sg).

As for being able to see Plato or SG at any time, we added the following hover/click dialog for each brew log entry so you can easy see either unit. Works on iPad too.


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