(DONE) New home page and social sharing buttons


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Jun 27, 2012
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We just pushed out the new home page, just to spruce that up a bit. It also gives us a place to put videos and howto guides in the coming weeks/months.

On the recipe view page, for public recipes only, we added buttons for sharing to twitter, facebook, and google plus links. Feedback appreciated!

(We also fixed a few little bugs that either nobody noticed, or didn't bother to mention. Pretty isolated cases involving the late additions checkbox, narrow screen resolutions, and android phones.)

We also revamped our code base to run out of https://bitbucket.org/- what an awesome product that is! That move will allow us to more easily work with multiple developers as we continue to grow.

Next we are going to tackle a few of the suggestions in the forum. Happy brewing!
Re: (LAUNCH) New home page and social sharing buttons

Just in case you haven't heard this enough - love the site.
Suggestion: when doing brew log entries, include Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, <or whatever> checkboxes so I can have my log entry shared through my social media portals also (assuming I'm logged in and have already associated these accounts with my BrewersFriend account, each service I have associated would have checkbox in my log entry section). For Twitter there will need to be some way to manage the length of the log entry - I would not want the length of my log entry limited due to Twitter. Thinking checkboxes because I might not want to share a specific log entry on all forums I am using (not sure why, but always thinking in terms of flexibility). Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the great work!
Re: (LAUNCH) New home page and social sharing buttons

You somewhat answered it with bitbucket. One concern I had is what is your data security/backup?

To me while I don't back up my PC that had BeerTools on it, I would be curious to hear what you have in case you lose a server?
Re: (LAUNCH) New home page and social sharing buttons

If we loose a server it is not the end of the world, and users might not even notice given the way things are setup on the backend. We're software professionals and know our stuff in this area. Just like Netflix or another online service, it is subject to outages beyond our control, but we do our best to keep them to a minimum.

Regarding backups - from the FAQ:

How is the site backed up?
Multiple times per day, encrypted, in geographically distant data centers on redundant storage arrays.