(DONE) New grains for United Kingdom


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Aug 14, 2012
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I've noticed a few items available from UK maltsters which aren't in the BF drop-down fermentables list.

It's possible to get;
- Vienna Malt
- Pale Rye Malt
- Roasted Rye
- Crystal Wheat
- Roasted Wheat
- "Flagon" Pale Malt (as opposed to Maris Otter, Optic etc...)
- Peat-smoked Malt

Also noticed a few hop varieties not listed, a large number of which are from New Zealand...
- Aramis (8.4, France)
- Boadicea (6, USA?)
- Delta (6.5, USA)
- Flyer (10.1, UK)
- Galaxy (15.1, Australia)
- Green Bullet (11-15, New Zealand)
- Hallertau Aroma (8.2, New Zealand)
- Junga (12.3, Poland)
- NZ Cascade (10.7, New Zealand)
- Pacifica (6.1, New Zealand)
- Pacific Jade (15.1, New Zealand)
- Southern Cross (13.2, New Zealand)
- Stella (15.6, Australia)
- Styrian Dana (9.2, Slovenia)
- Summer (6.5, Australia)
- Topaz (16, Australia)
- Wai-iti (4.5, New Zealand)

Is it worth splitting Styrian Goldings into Bobek (3-6), Celeia (3-6) and Savinjski Goldings (2.75)? These are distinct varieties that were lumped together under the name "Styrian Goldings" - in practice the term could have referred to any of the three cultivars. Slovenia's EU membership and the gradual implementation of European laws on agriculture means that they're not able to pull tricks like that any more!
Re: New grains for United Kingdom

After some quick calculations, I think the vital statistics for Flagon are 37.2 ppg and 2.6 lovibond. I would double-check that though!
Re: New grains for United Kingdom

Thanks for the detailed list. We will see about incorporating these.

Another idea is to pull in what is in your inventory and add that to the top of each drop down, and/or allow you to specify custom ingredients what will always show up in your list.
Re: New grains for United Kingdom

I like that idea a lot.
While we are not going to add any additional grains to the list at this time (since it is long enough anyway), we now allow each user's inventory custom fermentables to flow through to the recipe editor. This is also true of hops!

See this thread for more details: