(DONE) navigation warning in recipe editor unsaved

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Nov 20, 2012
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spent 30 minutes creating and fine tuning a recipe, hit the yeast calculator filled that out hit the back button and my recipe was gone, using opera browser, very frustrating lol

I realize I needed to save it but was in create mode

could that possibly pop up in a new window or even better auto saves every 5 minutes :mrgreen:
Re: arg hit the back button and my recipe was gone

Have done this also. autosave would be sweet, but could get annoying at the same time. :?
Re: arg hit the back button and my recipe was gone

after thinking about this more clearly, the auto save might tax the server too much..say 10 people filling out the form at the same time all auto saving every 5 minutes might drive mysql crazy, to many simultaneous posts..... :mrgreen: an easier and less complicated approach would be the link to the yeast calculator is also a save button
Re: arg hit the back button and my recipe was gone

The yeast pitch calculator link does open in a new window in FF/Chrome. Try Control + Clicking the link to get it open in a new tab.

As for preventing lost work, we could have a message "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" that kicks in after you have been there for a few minutes and the recipe is in an unsaved state.
Re: arg hit the back button and my recipe was gone

yes would work as well as something reminding to save your recipe
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) navigation warning in recipe editor unsav

The next release of the recipe editor will include a friendly warning message if you try to navigate away and there are unsaved changes to the recipe. It will kick in after 30 seconds, and only display if you didn't save the recipe before navigating somewhere else.

It will work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, but not Internet Explorer (and probably not Opera). Internet Explorer is very odd/finicky about this kind of warning message. We got it to work in most cases in IE but didn't like the hacky nature of what was being required to make it bullet proof in IE.
This went live as part of our August release. Happened to miss this thread since it isn't in the feature request forum.