(DONE) Infusion Calculator w. Water Volume


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Jul 9, 2012
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I use the mash infusion calculator with every batch that I brew. I usually use it in the "Mash Calculator" tab in the recipe builder. The Water volume is automatically calculated on the right side. I like to split my infusion volume with my sparge water volume 50/50. Depending if I'm doing a step mash or not, I care more about the volume of water that I'm heating than the mash thickness ratio.

My request would be able to enter the volume of water that I want to infuse with in the strike water tab, much like I can in the infusion tab. Whenever I use the tool I always end up tweaking the mash thickness 5-6 times until I hit the volume that I'm looking for. It would be nice to have a toggle button or something to calculate my strike water based on mash thickness OR strike volume. Not a huge deal, but it would make my life even easier than it already is with brewers friend!
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) Infusion Calculator w. Water Volume

Makes sense, and BIAB brewers need this too, since they don't care about mash thickness - they just care about total volume. Scheduled for the next release.
This is now live, look for the set of radio buttons on the strike tab.