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Jun 30, 2012
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I think it would be cool if a summary of hops required could be produced.

I sometimes brew on my 3 gallons electric system. Since it is small, I use the metric feature and counting up all those grams for several hops is PITA!

Just a thought :)
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Yes, I have personally noted a mild frustration with that as well... Thankfully it was super easy, is coded, and will go out in the next release. We have also made this an option on the print page.


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ha - man I love this site!

will this summarize each individual hop or just total ounces/grams?

My latest recipe has like 4 or 5 different hops in it.
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It will group the related hops together and provide a total weight. To be grouped, the hops have to be the same variety, the same AA, and the same type (leaf/pellet).

So, if you had:

1oz, 60 minutes, Cascade, AA 7, Leaf
0.75oz, 60 minutes, Nugget, AA 13, Pellet
1oz, 30 minutes, Cascade, AA 7, Leaf
0.75oz, 30 minutes, Nugget, AA 13, Pellet
1oz, 15 minutes, Cascade, AA 7, Leaf
2oz, 10 minutes, Crystal, AA 4, Pellet

You would see:
1.5oz Nugget, AA 13, Pellet
3oz Cascade, AA 7, Leaf
2oz Crystal, AA 4, Pellet

Note, if you had both leaf and pellet Cascade hops, it would split those. Or if you had Cascade with different AA values, it would also split those.
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Larry, you are the man - prost!
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very cool! :p