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Feb 14, 2013
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For those of us who make larger or smaller batches, it would be useful to be able to set a default batch size. It makes for one less field to have to edit before starting with the design of the recipe.

Great site guys!
Re: Default Batch

This can be done, but it gets into making a default for most fields, which is doable, but there is another approach that you can use in the mean time:

Create a recipe called 'template' setup the way you want as a base, then copy it when you want to start a new recipe. That way your yeast nutrient, irish moss, water, etc etc are all there (including yeast).
Re: Default Batch

I like this solution, but I can't save the recipe without adding a fermentable. Now I have to enter a dummy fermentable which I'll often have to overwrite when making the recipe. It's still better than not using the template, thanks for the tip!
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) Default Batch

The next release will contain two new profile options under Brew Settings that will flow into the recipe editor:

Default Batch Size
Default Boil Size
This is now taken care of, look for the default options under your brewing profile.