(DONE) Carbonation Link in brew session??


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Feb 1, 2013
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What do you think about adding a carb conversion calculator or some chart to brew sessions? Maybe add another drop down item like a sample to log the entry?

It would be nice if I knew for example I was carbing at 32 F and wanted 2.2 volumes, what does that PSI setting look?

I found the priming charts which was helpful for a quick reference.

I'm trying to think of things you can add so people don't have to go anywhere else for their information.

Similar to this:


It would be great to have all the choices like they provide instead of just general ales, etc.
Re: Carbonation Link in brew session??

Well I just found your calc on the site! Would still be cool to have it embedded in my brew session somehow.
Re: Carbonation Link in brew session??

We can work in links to the carbonation calculators (priming sugar and keg).
Re: Carbonation Link in brew session??

For the next release, we are adding links to the sugar and keg priming calculators on the brew session page.
This is live! Links added to sugar / keg priming calculators, and the new label generator.