(DONE) Add mash thickness field to recipe


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Jun 27, 2012
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A new field on the recipe called mash thickness would live in the mash step section and apply to all grain recipes only. The default value comes in from the mash thickness profile setting, but it can be changed per recipe.

The value of this field would be used by the water requirements logic for the purposes of computing strike water volume.

Extra thoughts:
a) There could be a button next to it for 'update strike step' that would update/add a strike step in the first mash step position and fill in the volume based on the grains. If the grain bill changes, the strike volume would need to be updated.

b) The strike step could be made dynamic so the volume keys off the grain bill and the mash thickness.
Re: Add mash thickness field to recipe

both sound exactly what i've been wanting!
Re: Add mash thickness field to recipe

I already record this in the text field associated with the mash steps in the recipe editor - so a dedicated numeric field that we could use to calculate quantities/volumes (e.g. can I fit this in my mash tun?) would be great.
Re: Add mash thickness field to recipe

Sounds like this would work great for fitting that big grain bill in the tun. Makes much more sense to be able to change it on the builder when you have a capacity warning there.
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) Add mash thickness field to recipe

The next release will include a Starting Mash Thickness field in the mash section on the recipe editor. For this release the data from that field will be used to compute strike volume (and sparge volume) in the water requirements section, and in the Brew -> Mash Calculator section.

In a future release, we plan to setup a mash builder, such that it will fill out multiple steps based on a profile. We plan to support the most popular mash techniques, like fly sparging, batch sparging (1, 2 and 3 sparges), BIAB, etc.

The Brew feature's Mash Calculator section was recently tuned up and is the place to go on brew day (it is especially strong because it allows for deviations and provides recording keeping). However, we understand the desire for advanced planning in the recipe in terms of volumes and temperatures during the mash.
Mash thickness field is now in place for all grain recipes! The value flows through into the brew session - on the brew steps list and in the mash calculator.

This sets us up for automatically building out certain mash profiles in the mash guidelines section.