(DONE) add bottling date to label generator


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Mar 17, 2013
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When I make my own custom fancy labels I've always included the bottling date to give people a general idea of how old the batch is that they're drinking. Could this be something to add to the label generator tool? Perhaps brew date would be easier, since if you're using the brewing tool you've already entered a brew date.
Also, what about adding a short "descriptive blurb" text field? something in small text that would be for any interesting info you'd want the recipient of the bottle to know about the beer.
Re: add bottling date to label generator

I'm with you 100% on this request. I'm waiting for the label tool to use the actual measured results for the label rather than the expected output from the recipe, but I agree that the label should also include the bottling date and a short description field (I have been doing this on my manually created labels).
Side notes: also think the words Author:, Method:, and Style: can be removed from the label for these pieces of information.
...and another side note: maybe have each piece of info included or not based on a checkbox?
Re: add bottling date to label generator

Makes total sense, will work on this in a near term release.
Re: add bottling date to label generator

I print BREW DATE and BOTTLE DATE on my labels
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) add bottling date to label generator

Next release will allow data from brew session to flow into recipe label generator, override of most fields, and add comments, brew date, and bottle date fields.
Updated recipe label builder is live, allows overriding of fields.

New fields: comments, brew date, and bottle date.

The link from brew session page feeds in data from that brew session.

Enjoy! :D