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    I am a new member/brewer and I love browsing the near infinite amount of recipes! One thing I have noticed is when I click Brew It, I get the cook steps all the way up to pitching the yeast but what I dont see are recommended conditioning times or steps, i.e. how long to let the recipe condition in secondary, what type of priming sugar, etc. I know I must be missing something, can someone point me in the right direction?
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    I let all of my ales sit for 2 weeks in a secondary. Some people just leave it in the primary. It's up to you. You'll bottle your first batches shortly after fermentation is complete. Then you'll put off bottling for a week or a month for later batches!

    3/4 C of corn sugar is pretty standard for conditioning. There are calculators if you want to get precise on how much to use. The calculator will consider fermenting temp, as lower temperatures will hold more CO2 in the solution. It will also consider how many volumes of CO2 you want. 2-3 weeks in the bottle is what you need for the corn sugar to do its thing.

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