(CLOSED) Need for moderators and investigate spam filter?


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Jun 27, 2012
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Just cleaned out a bastard spammer from the forum... Brew Mentor and a few others noticed, thank you for flagging. This has probably happened 3-4 times the entire year. Users have to confirm their email address before being allowed to post. That is something most ordinary spambots do not follow through on.

Tymmefmal was the latest culprit. This guy seems to have a fixation with the site. He made a few very strange, incoherent posts, with a picture of a pro bike rider in them. Definitely not a brewer, or someone who belongs here. As a result, he's been terminated, with extreme prejudice!

User: Tymmefmal
Email: alitam55alfitle@gmail.com
Country: Slovakia (according to http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation)

There is no way these guys can do any real damage, they are just annoying. Remember, credit cards are not collected by the system (because Paypal handles that), and there are multiple layers of security in the application code to block anybody from screwing with your stuff.

I need to promote some of you guys to moderators so you can trash these blatantly stupid posts.The funny thing is, these spam posts are not even coherent. It makes no sense to me in terms of what is going through the guy's head on the other side.

Also need to look into a spam filter for the forum, but one that does not hassle the real users. FYI - we trash 10-20 comments per day from the blog (that never appear because they go into the moderation queue first). It is always the same, viagra, payday loans, increase your manhood, and lately links all about how great Windows7 is (wtf??)!
Re: Upgrade key users to moderators and investigate spam fil

Don't know what criteria you'll be looking at to move people up to Moderator status, but I would be more than happy to volunteer.
Re: Upgrade key users to moderators and investigate spam fil

Thank you! I would say all of our Lifetime members are well enough invested that they should be moderators. We will play with the forum settings and see if there is any easy way to accomplish this. The other idea is to require everyone's first post be moderator approved. Both should be doable.

Happy brewing!