Clock apparently 4 hours ahead of my Eastern US time

Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by PeterMA, Jun 23, 2020.

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    New user of BrewersFriend. Trying to import recipes from Hopville and Brewtoad. My profile is set to EST however when I import or edit a recipe they are showing an update time 4 hours in advance my current time. There must be some TZ parameter I haven't set correctly so I assume it's defaulting to GMT. Any hint as to where to look for this errany setting.

    Also unfortunately the old software DB names for fermentables have different names to BrewersFriend DB of fermentables so BF apperas to default to something close so I need to correct the selections. I'm actually pretty much a technical guru but I have no idea how the change the selected fermentables and can find no help files anywhere that tell me how to do it. Sort of struggling too to work out how to build a new recipe and select a fermentable out of the provided DB, I'm assuming this DB is kept up to date from year to year?? as I really don't want to go to the pain ove calculating PPG figures for each fermentable I'm using

    WOW. I am amazed to see I joined 10/19/2014. Actually today is the first day I actually subscribed and I only did a couple of test imports a few months back
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    When you import the recipes, you get the choice to leave the names the same or something like that- so if it's your own recipes and you want to keep those ingredients, use the second choice here:

    (I have the top one highlighted, but you would likely want the second).

    Next, go into your profile and click "brands" and use the green slider to show the brands you want to see, if you're using specific brands:

    I'm taking a look at your settings for time stamps, and I'll see what's up with that.
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