Cleaned out the closet!


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Mar 13, 2016
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I was sitting home Saturday [first weekend off in a very long time] wanted to brew Sunday so I just cleaned out the bins. Here's the grain bill
12 gallon batch
18# 2 row
2# Vienna
2#rye malt
1# crystal 120
Mashed at 155 for 60 min started out with 1.5 Oz ea of chinook and centennial boiled for 90 min then whirlpooled at 170 deg 2.25 Oz chinook,2 Oz amarillo,1.25 Oz centennial and pitched the slurry off a previous batch [ wyeast 1056] and Ive got 3oz ea of amarillo and centennial for dry hop!
What do you guys think? Have I lost my mind or what?
hoppy ale looks like a good combo of malts with plenty of hops to prop it up i look forward to seeing it:).
is the oats for body, its going to be milky and full
I was thinking it would add body and mouth feel, to be honest I've never used oats before I I saw the oatmeal on the counter and thought seeing how I'm throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the recipe why not throw in the stopper too! I've Ran this Recipe Thru Both BF and BS so on the outside chance this works out I can repeat it I'll also make it public along with the water profile I used!
that will give you body and make it somewhat of a creamy head too