Challenger IPA?

It's a lot of challenger at FW for my taste... I'd shift them and bump up your challenger additions to maybe 40 IBUs at 15 min, and whirlpool another 40 IBUs.

I'd go 70/30 on malt too, drop the brown malt. I'd just do Maris Otter and a flaked adjunct, like wheat or oats. Or even 2-row and oats. Keep it clean, let the hops shine through.

and with that said, you could do Belgian Witbier for a white ipa thing, but you could use a cleaner yeast to let hops accentuate.
That might work, I'm trying to make it fit all the check boxes in the recipe builder and I don't really know what to do with the Challenger I have.

The Witbier is one of my yeasts on hand, I have BRY-97, London ESB, Belgian Saison, Danstar Windsor and it on hand. I can swap one of those out relatively easily.
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yeah I'd use the 97 West coast yeast.
I go through all the trouble of harvesting the Witbier yeast from a commercial bottle and I still use the 97 for almost everything! :mad:
I like Challenger a lot... But I'd swap your hops around... Something like this...

30g Challenger @ 60 mins
15g Challenger @ 30 mins
Then Whatever with Amarillo.

You could make a best bitter. Challenger is well suited to the style.
Malts... Pale, Crystal and a dash of chocolate (or brown) o_O
Hops... (30-40 IBU) 60 min Challenger, 30 mins Fuggles, 15 mins Goldings and 5 mins Goldings
ESB Yeast

You might end up with something like this...
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That's kind of what I had initially. I did a bitter before and was uninspired but I could make another one. I'm trying to use what I have in stock and I have a lot of Challenger and Amarillo.
I think, as you want to use up what you have. Perhaps a cross-over beer. A kinda English/American Bitter/IPA, which is what you got ingredients for really.

Challenger and Amarillo will go together nicely. A bit of crystal and roast malt (Choc. or brown) would add something. I suggest you have an open mind and don't get hooked up to a narrow style.

I recently brewed-up a brown ale / porter / stout beer, with what I had available. To be honest it turned out really good.
Oh trust me as long as it tastes good I'm down with whatever comes out. I have some chocolate and some brown kicking around too. I basically just picked a style and added bits until the checkmark went green. I'm hoping it turns out
I did an all challenger small batch a while back which was very good